About The Dance & More Foundation

The Dance & More Foundation was established in the year 2000, with as underlying concept to combine three different performing arts divisions in one coordinating foundation.
This website features information concerning our activities, our productions and our team, as well as other important information for potential students contemplating to enroll in our classes.
The mission of The Dance & More Foundation is to stimulate dance and theater in general. The foundation aims to contribute towards the positive development of the youth in general, and the creative, cultural, and motor skills of adults and children in particular.
Mrs. Josefina (‘Fina’) Ferreira is co-founder and president of The Dance & More Foundation and one of the dance teachers at The Fina Dance Art School. Under her guidance The Dance & More Foundation became the leading institution in Curaçao informing, teaching and instructing a diversity of dance styles, as well as making dance and theater productions in which different types of art disciplines and techniques are performed. This way the foundation plans to reach out to a larger group of people, including the youth, the destitute and persons with disabilities.
The Dance & More Foundation is located in Unit A of the Goisco Building on the Schottegatweg Noord. Feel free to call us, our phone number is +5999 736-5104. For detailed contact information click the ‘Contact us’ link in the left navigation menu.

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