About Projects

Our vision is based on the belief that every individual has the right to self-expression and the accessibility thereof.

This view is expressed by initiating projects in neighborhoods and locations with limited access to the arts for the youth audience, disadvantaged groups and elderly.

The Projects department of Dance and More is engaged in the design and coordination of the various components.The projects section contains 4 parts:

1) Educational School projects
2) Performances for a selective audience
3) Community Arts
4) Meet the Professional

Educational school projects
Getting youngsters to the theatre is not easy. Dance and More Foundation aims to bring the arts closer to youngsters by designing a performance that appeals to them. We do not only address their world perception, but we try to give them something to think about, as well.  Once a year the schools are being invited to attend a performance by the Simia Dance Company . Members of the Simia Dance Company, whom are youngsters as well, present a program that has an educational purpose. An initiative that aligns well with the schoolsubject C.A.V.  by the composite hand-outs that we give the students afterwards. The educational schoolproject of Dance and More Foundation is both educational and "fun"! 


Performances for a special audience       
Each year the Dance and More Foundation reserves performances for a special group of our society. This selected group of people consists of our elderly, the disabled and underprivileged youth whom most of the time live in isolation and desolation. After the performances for this group, the youth can apply for danceclasses at the Fina Dance Art School. With the help of our faithful sponsors, for years the Dance and More has been able to keep up with this special mission.

Community Arts
Bringing the performing arts to community centers. This initiative arose from the fact that not everyone in  Curacao is in the position to go to a dance school or visit  a theatre. There are many underprivileged children who do not get the chance to come into contact with the art of dance. Children who cannot afford to go to the theatre.  Precisely for that reason we provide them with an opportunity. D& M goes into the neighbourhoods to work with youngsters towards a performance. Under the guidance of a qualified teacher, they have  the opportunity  to create, shape and present. Cooperation, expressing creativity, shaping of expressive power, are characteristics that contribute to the development of each child.  Therefore, we want every child to be part of this  opportunity. Especially those children are not in the position to go to a danceschool or even attend a theatre performance. 

Professionals & Amateurs
The Dance And More Foundation builds a bridge between the Amateur and the Professional field.  Professional and amateur performers create together a Dance Production.  It is not only inspiring, motivating and educational for both parties, but an example for anyone who aspires a life as a performer. A unique and unforgettable experience for both the professional, the ambitious amateur and the audience.