About The Simia Dance Company


The Simia Dance Company school is a preparatory school for aspiring young dancers. ‘Simia’ is the Papiamentu word for seed. The school is linked to The Fina Dance Art School and is part of The Dance and More Foundation.

Members of The Simia Dance Company have been following a dance technique training program prior to becoming a performing member of the company.  The goal is to develop a well-rounded dancer, where Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance techniques are obligatory requirements in their training experience. Simia performs on a yearly basis as well as by invitation and for special events. Together, the performances and the training program will help further develop Simia’s performing members as young aspiring dancers, and in due course serve as a foundation to pursue a career as a professional in the world of the performing arts. The program provides young dancers with dance training as well as a fun social group to perform with in a positive environment.  Regular attendance is mandatory for the dancer’s development and continued membership of the dance company.