About the Dance Art School

For over 32 years ago, back in 1983 Mrs. Josefina (‘Fina’) Ferreira and Mrs. Shirley Pole-Van Heningen (†) started The Fina Dance Art School. From that time on the dance school has been offering dance classes, varying from ballet to break-dance, for children age 4 and up... 

Shirley in San Francisco,USA Shirley and Fina in Knoxville, USA

Once every two years The Fina Dance Art School performs a show casting all her students. For these productions special actors and directors are asked to lend a hand. Sometimes existing musicals are translated to Papiamentu or new musicals are entirely self-written. Examples include: "Mary i su 2 pidasitu” (Mary Poppins), "Shon Rei Leon” (The Lion King), "E Mago di Oz” (The Wizard of Oz), and "Abeltje” (about a boy named Abeltje). Authentic musicals are "Chabelita” (about a girl named Chabelita), "E Baranka Ku Ta Swin” (The Swinging Boulder), "Kòrsou den Foko” (Focus on Curaçao), "6 pilaren” (6 columns), "Lemante”, "Chabelita Super Heroe”, "Flor I Luna”,"Heracles” and most recently "Curaçao a Melting Pot" .