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For over thirty years Dance and More Foundation has contributed to the training of young people through dance 

education and enriching the Arts and Cultural climate of Curaçao. This has been done through,  not only the danceschool,  

but  by  organizing and putting on countless voluntary initiatives, that has reached youngsters in all age- and social 

class groups. Whether  dance is being used as a tool to self-empowerment, as leisure or for the more disciplined a

potential career, it’s indispensible value is here to stay.

Unleashing potential, nurturing creativity, building selfesteem and  professional education are keywords to the 

Dance and More Foundation.  This is our mission and we plan to keep on doing so for years to come.

If by any means you would like to support our endeavour  send us an email to [email protected]  stating 

unleashing potential.


It has not been easy, were it not that we could count on the support of sponsors, donors and  funds.   We are very 

grateful to the following organizations that helped us during schoolyear 2015-2016: