Faizah Grootens

I was born in 1987 in Curacao and am since the age of 3 passionate about dance. I danced until 2006 with the company "Simia Dance CompanyĒ, which back then was called "Ballet Kontemporaneo di KorsouĒ.   At the age of 18 I moved to the Netherlands to forever be married to music and dance.

I graduated at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Theatreschool Amsterdam and at the world famous Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba.               In Cuba I was the production assistant of the Spanish theatre maker Miguel Rubio. As his assistant I produced 3 big shows.

Since my graduation I danced in various commercial and theatre productions, among others, Alfred Jodocus Kwak Vader of Harlekijn Danstheater under the direction of Herman van Veen, Nike, Productions with New Dance Company and Stichting Julius Leeft! Iíve also gain some experience in dance on film.

I teach dance at various schools in the Netherlands and am also attached to the Theatreschool Amsterdam as a Modern dance teacher and as a guest teacher at Arts and Entertainment College, Amsterdam.

How it all began
According to my mother I moved very rhythmically when hearing music, since I was a baby in a carrier. My cousins ​​and sister all were taking classes at Fina Dance Art School when I was 3 years old. I always went with my sister to her dance classes, where I made fusses about not being able to participate in the class with the other kids. Eventually one of the dance teachers said to my mother: "laga e mucha bin baila numa serka nos". This literally means: let the child come dance with us. They made an exception for me in that time. I wasnít supposed to start taking Ballet classes until I was 4 years old. But I started dancing at 3 years of age and never stopped.

There are not a lot of dance schools on the island; there was not much choice. I started taking classes at Fina Dance Art School, because my sister and cousins were already dancing there. I always thought it was a nice school and enjoyed the classes very much. I felt very much at home and felt I could express myself completely. And believe me, sometimes I expressed myself too much J      I was always a hard worker, but I was also the jokester. I was so in place there, I never felt the need to go to another dance school.

In my younger years I only took classes once a week. That quickly changed to twice a week, to 3 times a week, to asking if I could use the studio to choreograph with my other dance friends.  I took Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap (for a year or two), did the summer workshops and every other style that came in the dance school. In my last year living in Curacao the school felt like my second home. I am very grateful to Fina Fereirra and Saskia Jespers for the technique classes, which gave me a very good basis for the academy. I am also grateful for the moral support they gave me and the fact that they, together with my parents, made me realize that I had to audition for a dance academy to forever be married to LA DANZA J. I always enjoyed the classes of the guest teachers such as; Rina Bernabella and Jarck Benschop. Celine Gladpootjes and Germaine ispired me quite a lot too, in my "Fina DaysĒ. "Fina DaysĒ were also days of freestyling and collaborating with the B-Boys.

It was an interesting period dancing at Fina Dance Art School. My last performance with Fina Dance Art School was on June 24th 2006 in Teatro Luna Blou. It was very emotional and super fun!

Fina Dance Art School for me was a big step in building my future. It can be yours too!  Or just make it a place where you can set every other worry aside, build new friendships and create self-awareness. Dream, laugh, live, love, DANCE!

Sharité Oleana

My name is Sharité Oleana, Iím 19 years old.

And I Loooooooveeee to dance.

I started dancing when I was about fourteen years old. I first started dancing at home by myself or with friends. We would hang out and come up with different steps on different type of music and it would be so much fun. I realized that whenever I danced I felt so alive, like nothing could stop me. It was just a burst of joy and I loved every minute of it.       Then I went on to dancing in the church. And I learned to appreciate dancing even more.

It wasnít until two-three years ago when my friend told me about Fina Dance Art School. Iíve heard of it before but never thought about joining it. So I decided to give it a shot and I immediately fell in love with the classes.

My first class was streetjazz, and then I moved on to jazz and modern.    I loved every minute of it. The choreographies, the warm ups, the techniques.  And then the same friend who told me about the dance school encouraged me to do auditions for Simia Dance Company.         So I did, and I got in. I was suuuuper excited and ready for the upcoming challenges. I started doing ballet as well, which was really a challenge for me. The style was completely different from what I was used to, you had to be really conscious about your body, every placement and every movement. But I still loved it because it encouraged me to try harder and to not give up.

What I learned from the school is definitely allot of technique, how to improve myself as a dancer, but as a person as well.  I have met allot of great, fun and loving people at the school and this is why it means allot to me.

This year Iím going to start my studies to become a dance teacher. I am super excited! And I canít wait!

I am very thankful to Fina Dance Art School for all that they have thought me, the patience, and for believing in me even when sometimes I did not believe in myself.

One day I would like to have my very own dance school and hopefully encourage other people to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams no matter what it is.

With this being said I would like to encourage all of those who have been wanting to dance for a very long time to just take the first step!  Start dancing and stop letting fear, shyness, embarrassment or whatever bring you down. I promise, you wonít regret it!!  Dream big loves!!

"Dance first, think later. Itís the natural order.Ē Ė Samuel Beckett 

Tara Hieroms

I started with Ballet in 1979 at the age of 6 year. Anything related to music, singing an dancing had and

still has my strong attention. I was determined to join the professional dance group at the ballet school I was attending in my teenage years which I eventually did.

During my study in the Netherlands I never gave up dancing. It kept me busy and was a healthy distraction during these very important years of my life.

Fina Dance and Art School has a very good reputation for decades.

What let me to subscribe Fina Dance and Art school in 2010?

My beautiful daugther, Lea-Louise (now age 8) already started to dance at Fina at the age of 4. Her almost identical passion for dancing, forced me to start dancing again when she asked me to please start dancing at Fina.

In the meantime, our other beauty, Isabelle (now age 5) also started to dance at Fina, motivated by her big sister's passion for dance!


Nadia Velberg

I studied dance at the dance academy in Tiburg The Netherlands. After graduating I started working at Fina Dance Art School. At first I worked as an all round dance teacher, teaching toddlers till adults in different dance disciplines. After two years I started to get more involved in the management of the dance school,  also creating Community Arts projects and Educational School projects.

As a teacher, you never stop learning and always trying to develop yourself further.
I got the space within the dance school to grow as a teacher, choreographer and performer. Fina Dance Art School was an inspiring environment for me and has been a great contribution to my skills and vision.
I really learned a lot over the years and am grateful for all the opportunities I got.

Fina Dance Art School is always moving, challenging, innovative and progressive in teaching methodes, projects and productions. A valuable asset to the Art of Dance in Curacao! J